Vibrotherapy can be used successfully in the rehabilitation of elderly people to counteract sarcopenia and restore muscle strength, as well as by athletes during the recovery period. When applied regularly, it improves a person’s motor properties. In most scientific papers, researchers have used vibration at frequencies of 30 to 50 Hz, lasting less than 20 […]

Vibrotherapy applied using local vibration to muscles at rest increases muscle strength. Such a therapeutic protocol could be beneficial for inactive people or those unable to benefit from other forms of vibrotherapy (e.g. whole-body vibrotherapy). Periods of physical inactivity adversely affect muscle strength. The use of large training equipment in a home environment is not […]

Human activity cause earth vibrations, which propagate in the ground as high-frequency seismic waves. Stop of this activity before COVID-19 pandemic and the biggest lockdown in human history in March-May 2020 period influence on reduction of anthropogenic seismic noise (ASS) by 50%, an event never seen before on such a scale. That seismic silencing, biggest […]

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