The effectiveness of chest vibration with simultaneous aerobic training in COPD The aim of the Italian researchers was to investigate the effect of a 4-week standard pulmonary rehabilitation on dyspnea and physical functionality in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), compared to the effects of the same treatment but combined with the administration of […]

Whole-body vibration (WBV) training, as a passive method of musculo-circulatory activation, seems to be a good alternative to conventional physical training for elderly with balance disorders and a high risk of falls. What interested the German researchers, the authors of the presented report, was the comparison of the effects of vibrations with different physical parameters. […]

The intravenous injection of propofol (a strong anesthetic) is often accompanied by pain. Since in dentistry, vibration is already used to reduce local pain associated with injections, American scientists decided to investigate the effectiveness of vibration analgesia for pain also during ambulatory injections of propofol. Due to the use of vibrations, during the injection of […]

Plastic surgery procedures are often accompanied by severe pain and pharmacological methods of reducing pain are often ineffective. However, there are reports that therapeutic vibration can be a safe and easy-to-use method of reducing pain. Therefore, scientists from the Michigan State University (USA) investigated the effectiveness of vibration in reducing pain in clinical plastic surgery. […]

The presented research focuses on the case of chronic idiopathic superior laryngeal nerve paresis (SLNp) treated with an innovative method of voice therapy – Novafon Local Vibration Voice Therapy (NLVVT). It was assumed that local vibrations of the cricothyroid muscle and its nerve endings during vocal exercises would improve the voice functioning in SLNp. NLVVT […]

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common type of dementia. Coherent neural oscillations with a resultant frequency of 40 Hz (40 Hz oscillation) seem to play an important role in maintaining the correct stream of consciousness. In turn, people with AD may have this parameter underestimated. Moreover, it was noted that auditory stimulation in healthy […]

Cerebral palsy (CP) contributes to permanent but not unchanging physical disability in childhood and adolescence. Although children with CP show some age-dependent gross motor and gait development, CP-induced muscle paresis and spasticity lead to bone deformation, loss of muscle volume, contractures, and patient dependence on care. Since there are reports that gait training can improve […]

Recently, the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines (PIC) has attracted the attention of researchers and doctors in the pathophysiology of depressive disorders. It is through immunomodulatory pathways that the therapeutic effect of physical activity seems to work in depression. Therefore, German scientists decided to analyze the effect of exercise on the severity of depression and PIC […]

The goal of Brazilian researchers at the Federal University of Paraíba was to compare the acute effect of isometric abdominal exercise performed with or without vibration on electromyographic (EMG) activity and skin temperature around the abdomen in physically active people. The vibrations given during isometric abdominal exercises proved to be safe and did not affect […]

Treatment of osteoporotic bones after fractures is difficult due to osteoporotic disorders of bone formation, angiogenesis and bone mineralization, negatively influencing the healing. Since previous preclinical (animal) studies have shown that low-magnitude high-frequency vibration (LMHFV) accelerates the healing of osteoporotic fractures, researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong planned to study the effect of […]

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